Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt


He keeps my natural hair healthy and strong
My name is Kyla Pratt. I am an Actress from Los Angeles, California. I have known Terry Hunt since I was a child growing up in this industry. He has always kept my natural hair healthy and strong, which is a lot after going from set to set. To find out he was starting a line of his own products was exciting for me. I have the pleasure of using his conditioner NOURISH, and my hair has been bouncy and silky for weeks after. Looooooove!!! This man can do no wrong when it comes to your scalp. Can't wait to see what more he has in store.

Ashley Caines

CEO of Tinsel App

Love Terry's NOURISH product
As a 27 year old business woman trying to transition to natural hair, I struggled to find a salon, a stylist and products that empowered me to keep going. I thought I hit the jackpot just finding Terry, but I later found out that Terry the hair master also makes products! His moisturizer, NOURISH, works like magic on the FIRST use! I have never tried a product that worked to do exactly what it says it will the first time. A week later and my hair is still shiny and soft. His products truly are a testament to his skill- the man knows hair. If you cannot make it to LA to visit the man himself, definitely buy and use his products at home. It's like he's packaged his knowledge of hair in a bottle for you and your hair to learn and grow with. Trust me, Nourish will instantly become a staple in your hair regimen and will make you *want* people to touch your hair.
Monique Kelly

Monique Kelly

Sony Pictures Executive

Love the GLOW Product
I have a relaxer AND yes I have color as well. Most people assume that when you do both your hair will be dry and brittle and will fall out. Terry Hairhunt's products are amazing. Not only is my hair healthy and shiny, but it grows super fast. His conditioner makes your hair feel so soft. It's literally turns your hair to silk and I am NOT over exaggerating! I am addicted to his hair oil GLOW, It like crack to my hair! My hair is shiny but not heavy and easily styled. Did I mention I have a relaxer and color. When I am going for the funky messy hair look his (i forgot the name of the product in the jar) makes sure my hair looks effortlessly styled. Terry's products not only ensures your hair will grow fast but your hair will be healthy. There aren't any other products on the market. I usually order at least five at a time so i don't run out. Terry believes in making sure his clients not only look good but their hair is at it's optimum best. His products are a direct reflection on his beliefs as an exceptional hair stylist!